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Put one or more E-wallet icons that we supported on your mobile application's checkout. After your customer selects one, he or she will be redirected to that E-wallet app to finish the payment. Currently our supported wallets are BOTIM and PayBy APP.

Sample Link: (Open it on your mobile browser, not PC)

You can also scan code to get the link above:


Step 1: Visit the link above.

Step 2: If you have opened the page of the link above, this page simulates a scenario that multiple selectable e-wallets appear on your checkout page. Enter payment amount and choose one e-wallet. Since we only provide the PayBy apk in test environment, please choose PayBy. And make sure that you have installed the PayBy app. Find the apk and account here.

Step 3: Now you have been redirected to the PayBy app and the built-in checkout has been invoked. Enter the password and complete the payment.